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Casino Guru goal is to help people choose the best online casino from the huge number of available options. To do this, their team spends hundreds of hours reviewing online casinos, gathering as much information about them as possible. Their main focus is on the fairness of online casinos. Fair casino in our opinion is a casino which pays out all legitimate winnings (instead of trying to find some excuse) and doesn’t have unfair clauses in their Terms and Conditions, which makes up partner-up a perfect fit.

When they are calculating casino reputation rating, they search for every complaint they can find, read everything related to that complaint and form our opinion whether it’s justified or not. They have developed a sophisticated formula for our reputation calculation, but the meaning behind it is simple – to recommend only casinos where players have a probability close to 100% of actually getting their money if they win. Casino Guru consider the costumers on their website to be their customers and always put the players interest firstly in their propriety.

Our work with Casino Guru

We are enjoying the efficient work with the team on the following manners

Top positions across Casino Guru across relevant GEOs.

Casino Guru making sure the players are happy with our brand.

Working closely on optimization in order to keep the performance as high as possible.

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